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                              FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  • How is the HalisSens® software installed?

The software suitable for Windows 10 is delivered on a USB stick and can be installed onto the user's PC or laptop. The setup will run automatically once the USB is plugged into the computer and all necessary components will be installed. The HalisSens® icon is displayed on the desktop after installation and the software can be started immediately. Alternatively, a PC or a laptop can be supplied with HalisSens® if required.


  • Does the HalisSens® software also run under Windows XP / Windows 7?
  Yes, we have completed some installations on Windows XP / 32 bit and Windows 7 Pro / 64 bit without a problem.  

  • How long does it take to initialize the HalisSens® device after switching on and when can I start the first measurement ?
  As soon as the device has been turned on, the time until the first measurement can be made is displayed in seconds. This initialization process usually takes about 2 minutes.  

  • How long does it take until the next measurement can be started?
  The next measurement can be started two minutes after the result of the first measurement. A green light-emitting diode indicates when the device is ready for the next sample of breath.  

  • How do you extract a sample of breath from the oral cavity and how is the result displayed?

The sample breath is taken from the oral cavity using a sterile one-way 10 ml syringe. The syringe is filled with the breath from the oral cavity. After removing the syringe from the oral cavity, 5 ml of the sample gas is injected into HalisSens®. The graphical and numerical result in ppb (parts per billion) is shown just a few seconds after the sample has been introduced into the device.


  • How many measurements can be done after the start of a sequence?

After pressing the START button, the actual analog signal and the concentration are displayed in real time on the display of the PC. All detected peaks and the concentration in ppb are shown continuously. Approximately 5 measured values can be displayed in one measurement window.


  • How can you display the stored and measured results?

After the STOP of a measurement, the values measured are automatically stored in an image database. In addition, the current date, time and the numerical concentration values are saved with the patient's data. Upon retrieving the patient's data, each sequence can be graphically displayed. With this immediate overview, HalisSens® enables an optimal evaluation of the entire treatment history of the patient.

    The following figure shows the actual odor situation of the patient:  
    The following figure shows the second day of the treatment (week 2):  
    The following figure shows the odor value at the last day of the treatment and the success of the therapy. The objective results are visible for the patient and HalisSens® allows also a perfect documentation for the surgery (week 3):  

  • What are the advantages of HalisSens®?

The robust system was developed by Analytical Innovations GmbH in close cooperation with halitosis experts. The overall concept, the program interface and the high precision of the instrument makes it suitable for use in dental practices and research institutes. The system can produce measurement cycles within 2 minutes and an extensive overview of a patient's medical treatment.

  • What kind of maintenance is required?

The sensitive sensor is calibrated with hydrogen sulfide and this calibration is valid for 12 months from the initial installation. No further maintenance is required during the 12 months. To ensure 100% reliability and correct readings, HalisSens® should be re-calibrated after a 12 months period.


  • Where can you purchase HalisSens®?
  HalisSens® can be bought through your local distributor or directly from Analytical Innovations GmbH. Feel free to ask us for the contact details of your local distributor.  

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